2013 Maui 'Aumākua 3-Beaches

2.4 or 1 Mile Sprint Swim


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As always there's a long thank you list.  Please read through this to say "thank you" and, perhaps, to help you in your planning if you ever work with people to make an event like this happen.  Perhaps it'll encourage to offer support next time your club asks for some help.   It's always worth the time to say "thank you".  And every year is different.

This swim benefits Maui Dolphins Swim Club and Maui Masters Swim Club from Upcountry Maui.  Everyone who swam, kayaked, register-helped, cleaned-up, set buoys, un-set buoys, donated, prepared food, helped hand out awards ... you've all helped make this a wonderful success.  It couldn't happen so successfully without the help of literally dozens of people putting in time, money, and heart.

Thank you... (if you don't know the people below ... you know people LIKE them at home ... thank them for all they do 4u)

First ... every year ... I need to thank T:)NI first.  She doesn't ask for the thank you, and I've just come to expect so much ... and she meets the expectation.  She does SO much at this race every year, during the race, after the race and makes it possible for us to make this race happen.  She made the awards again this year (with the help of her sister Miriam visiting us).  She organizes the files, she puts up with long hours from me doing other stuff to make this happen.

Also as always ... Swimmers ... without you, this event doesn't happen.  Bring more friends next time - even your competitors.

Safety First: Thank you to Paul Gammie and Peter Powell ... certified to operate the sled in surf helped us get the buoys out there and were there just in case.  Thank you to Ocean Safety ... Archie Kalepa heads up the division for Maui County; Zach Edlao is the captain for the new tower in Makena (I didn't see which Ocean Safety Officers were on the ski just in case).  And thanks to Chris from Maui Eco Tours and the all the Kayakers that.

Hotel: Thanks to Maui Prince Hotel and especially SandyT helping with all the coordination and permits ... and her co-worker on race day MichaelP was helpful, friendly, courteous with a great attitude.  Being able to use that beautiful lawn and having tables and the late checkout and opening the King's Trail to drop off the portapotty ... are such a huge deal to a beautiful and comfortable race.  The Maui Prince also gave a few of us Kama'aina rates to stay in the hotel and help run the race.  Maui Prince is undergoing some changes ... and there's a question who or what will be there next year.  I hope we get to work with the same staff with a new management supportive of making this race a success for visitors and locals alike.

Food: Maui Dolphins Club President GlynisO (and Mom to one of the swimmers) took on coordinating all our club parents to get food/refreshments.  And RichL picked up water ... and DaveR for coolers and ice ... and Rich & Annemarie for the gatorade at the finish.

Course ... Doug and RandyY (and his boat) and I got together Sunday afternoon to set the anchors making the starting time possible.  Thanks to Doug working with our jetski to take the buoys out race day morning.

Don't forget setting up the finish line ... thanks Christine and JeffT and Patti and Janet and KEVIN and Cole ... Kevin came up with a new idea to set the banner finish-line bringing hacksaw & drill and pvc pole right on the beach.

Kayaks: As always ... and as said above ... Mostly thanks to Chris with Maui Eco Tours ... you're [still] always there doing good things helping out Maui Swimming, Maui kayaking ... professionally, in the background like a true menehune.  And thanks to all the kayakers out there!  Especially today, you made this safe.  Thanks Juli & Mike; Mark, Patty, Dexter, Miriam, PaulM, John (windsurfers?  yep! ... they're always there helping at our races ... and we enjoy sailing with them), and GeorgeM ... thanks for handing out the wristbands again this year (in addition to all the special race-saving stuff you did the day before!).  And thanks to Miriam and Denise at the arch handing out wristbands.

Sponsors ... they make a huge difference.

USA-Swimming Officials from Maui: These sanctioned events can't happen without certified swimming officials: Referee SandyD, Safety Officer Malcolm, Timing Judge Toni, also ChrisA, DawnaR, ErickaG and others on the water.

Rich and Annemarie ... and visiting friends from Boston: Setup, cleanup, Finish Line ... And thanks for dinner the night before.

Tour Boats: Thanks to all the tour boats that shared the space in the morning.

Registration: Marie, Toni, JeffT, SusanH, SandyD, Mari Jo, ChrisA, Evelyn, Ja, Randy, Tania, Andy, Marcia, Harlan, Glynis, Maureen, Riki, Dexter, Ericka

Awards: Toni & me got some help from Bridget of Maui Ocean Center for helping choose and create the awards and give us a discount.  (Lots of work - we try to make our awards ocean-related, unique ... and something you can either display as an award OR as a useful keepsake & reminder of a fun race).

Finish Line TIMING: Thanks to Marie, SandyD, JeffT, Olivia & friend, SusanH and Stephanie.  And Toni.

Sherpas & Cleanup (this is always bigger than everyone knows): I didn't even see all this stuff being done with my nose in the computer.  Thanks to everyone ... NO ONE BAILED.  I often get involved with finishing results and taking modifications w/the arch and the like and closing down the electronic equipment, etc.  But I hear & saw at least this: Josh & Laura helped lots with bricks and buoys up from the beach.  MichaelP from the prince helped with a power cart (thanks!!!).  Craig brought home to me the bricks & ropes ... Doug & Christine the Buoys.

AMR: always good just in case.  The only blood drawn this year (refused help) was the person who thought up the idea of going through the arch 6 years ago ... JK ... who brushed his elbow on the rock going under the arch!

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*Menehune Mano

*Krueger & Keck

*The Learning Center of Maui


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