2013 Maui 'Aumākua 3-Beaches

2.4 or 1 Mile Sprint Swim


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The Short version: Thank you swimmers, Maui Dolphins, Maui Masters, Volunteers for making a wonderful event.

The Medium version: This swim couldn't happen so successfully without the help of dozens of people putting in time, money, and heart.

The Long Version: ahhhhh ... this is where I get to say thank you ... And who are these people that make everything happen ... If you live here, these are the people that make things happen.  If you don't live here, these are the people that make things happen ... and you've got people like them at home ... tell them thank you.

Thank you...

Swimmers ... without you, this event doesn't happen.  Bring more friends next time.

Food ,,, Laura and Maui Dolphins (Lesley, Marcy, LauraE, Dexter, Oni, Marsha, lots more ... they don't even tell me how many people made this happen).  Wow.  Good food.  Lots of work we never see.  And thanks to Janet M for arranging the Jamba Juice and Starbucks coffee giving a few people an "edge".  Derek and Chase and Andie and Marsha.

Course ... Doug and Ben and Randy ... thanks Randy ... setting the course was much easier this year with your boat.  Thanks Doug and Ben for getting all the line lengths and for finding me swimming out in the chop to help you w/a couple of buoys.  And thank you Janet R for the loan of 4 triangular buoys and ropes ... wish you coulda joined with us on race day.

Don't forget the finish line ... thanks Christine and BenW ... with LOTS of help from MikeS and JorgeM.

Kayaks: Thanks Chris ... you're always there doing good things helping out Maui Swimming, Maui kayaking ... professionally, in the background like a true menehune.  And thanks to all the kayakers out there ... we're glad we didn't need you, but you make this possible.  JimH, MikeG, PaulM, John, Stacy & George (gave you your arch wristbands), Ronda, Kim, Pam, Frank, BobP, Riana, JimO (on the course, no kayak)

Patti: Thanks for the designs and the shirts and the caps ... she designed and managed it all from concept to delivery.

Steve: My man.  Thank you SO much for your advice, your announcing, awards ... and for a great hike in the bamboo forest on Sunday.

Doug: My other man.  Thanks for all the help with course and being there for the extra help when needed.

Don: You're amazing.  You're always there.  Your underwater photography is amazing (not to mention sunsets and more).  You're at every Maui event taking pictures and sharing them with all of us!!!  None of us can imagine the pains you go through after a race to pick the best pictures of all of us having fun playing ... and we all appreciate the many pictures you don't share, too ;-)

Rich and Annemarie: You guys make me feel lazy and ... Annemarie ... you helped more than you know with the frustrating barcode reader.  I know (I heard) how you kept with it when I'm sure some words from your Boston upbringing came to mind and the barcode reader almost ended up in the sand.

Toni: helping keep me organized, for making the awards, for setting up registration, for working on a million (no exaggeration for a change) things to make this race happen.

Randy: For helping us set the course, for watching everyone safely through the arch (our SCUBA man).

Coast Guard and Tour Boats: Thanks to all the tour boats that shared the space in the morning.  And to the U.S. Coast Guard for the general warning to boaters.

Maui County Ocean Safety Officers (Lifeguards).

Registration: Toni, Laura, Annemarie, JanetM, Dan, Patti, JeffT, SteveB, Marcy, Michelle,

Awards: Toni, and Sirena for helping choose and create the awards.

Timers: Zoe and Joanna were a huge help running, reading & cross-referencing results.  Lesley helped there, too.  And on the finish line ... Annemarie, Michelle, Olivia, Marcy, Laura, Raquel, Toni.  Turns out the barcode reading was harder and didn't work as well as tested - we're pretty sure it was bright sunlight, so we'll review that and either improve the readings so they can be the official times for next year.  On the other hand, all 3 results had to be consulted to resolve a couple of conflicts and so were essential.

Sherpas & Cleanup (this is always bigger than everyone knows): Ben, Doug, Rich, Annemarie, SteveD, coach JimO', Laura & Ed, & Ian & Olivia & Keegan (the Gregg clan), Randy, MikeR, Ben, coach Dave, Christine, Toni ... and others I'm sure I missed.

AMR: There were a bunch of bee stings in the feet and a some minor things that made things easier.

DaveR: I wish you more people really looked at the great job you did on the "sea creatures we see" and appreciate Hawaiian waters we're so lucky to play in.

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Sponsors 2013

*Menehune Mano

*Krueger & Keck

*The Learning Center of Maui


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